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Converge Documentation

Learn how to use Converge to solve your ecommerce data problems.

  • Sources: Explore all available Datasources for Converge.

  • Destinations: Explore all available Destinations.

  • FAQ: Get answers to some of your most pressing questions.

  • Attribution: Learn how to set up your ad platforms for the Converge attribution dashboard.


At Converge we are building a CDP for ecommerce. We believe that the CDP market right now is biased towards SaaS; leaving this industry underserved.

Because we are specifically focused on ecommerce, we have a few key advantages as opposed to classic CDPs (Segment, Rudderstack, etc.)

  • We offer a one-click install to track all important events for many datasources leading to extremely fast Time To Value.
  • We put a lot of emphasis on tracking before identification, greatly improving visibility into attribution and that specific part of the user journey. (In SaaS, we are used to most “useful” events coming after an identification call instead)
  • Our Sources and Destinations come batteries-included: e.g. when you have both Shopify and the Website Pixel installed and are forwarding to Facebook, you will want to send purchase events from the server and combine that with client-propertes (e.g. Facebook Click ID or fbc).

Best-in-class ecommerce tracking across browsers, sessions and suitable for multiple destinations is hard. Converge makes it easy.

Some examples of what magic Converge does out of the box:

📌 For Facebook: Converge picks up the fbp and fbc cookies by default and forwards them along with all events. The same holds for other properties that can only be tracked clientside such as the IP address and User Agent. The reverse may also be true, some properties are only available on the serverside.

📌 If you are a subscription company forwarding recurring subscriptions, there are no clientside events to fall back to. Converge keeps track of individual user profiles (an individual customer) each with multiple possible identities (for ex. their email, a Shopify customer ID, a cookie, a checkout token…).

📌 Every tracking call only needs to provide a single identity to link the event to the actual profile. But, importantly, it can also provide multiple identities for the event. Converge will then add all identities to the same profile and merge the properties and events of any existing profiles. This not only allows tracking across the client and server, but also across browser sessions and devices.